What is "Trisco Accelerator Program"?

Trisco Accelerator Program is an initiative by Trisco Technology Corp. It integrates the resources of Trisco, the advantages of venture capital and startup ecosystems, providing a working platform for innovation and entrepreneurs. It enhances the feasibility of innovative ideas, and enables the process of entrepreneurship in a more efficient and less risky way. Whether you have an existing prototype, undergone fundraising for mass production, or only have a business idea, joining the Trisco Accelerator Program can increase your chances of success.


What resources does this program offer?

The team selected for the Trisco Accelerator Program will have access for 12 to 24 months to the following three key resources:

  1. Free office space, we provide office space, furniture and equipment, fiber optic network, access to the conference area and rest area with drinks and snacks.
  2. Free mentorship and management courses, one-on-one consultation with industry experts, collaboration with professionals and engineers in various fields to boost your business operations. 
  3. Free administrative team support, corporate network, and 12 to 24 months of funding capital with over one million Taiwan dollars a year. In addition, successful entrepreneurial teams can also obtain additional investment after the accelerator period, allowing the team to continue growing and scaling operations.


What are the benefits for a startup to join Trisco Accelerator Program?

  • Reduce risk: We provide the infrastructure and resources for the company's operations, and the start-up costs are almost zero. Lower costs, lower risk!
  • Accelerated development: Enterprise-class hardware, labs, and engineering teams will be at your service to effectively accelerate product and service implementation.
  • Focus on what matters the most: Immediately available administrative support and services, operational experts, training and consulting on finance and taxation, allowing the startup team to focus on improving their core skills and competitive advantages.


What is the application process to receive the seed capital?

After receiving the team's application, we will invite potential teams for an interview.

During the interview, the team needs to explain their business motivation, business model, and business flow (business process).

A panel of experts will select a winning team based on the results of the interview.


What will be evaluated?


  • Conciseness of the presentation, be mindful of your words, don't waste them.
  • Mastery of the topic, do your research.
  • Answering questions, clarify interviewer's doubts with confidence and calm.  


Business Model:

  • Feasibility, back your claims with real data.
  • Disruptiveness, how will you change the industry?
  • Innovation, what are the new things you are bringing to the table? 
  • Market driven, is there a real business opportunity with an existing demand?
  • Scalable, is there opportunity to grow? 

We are looking for a cohesive team of entrepreneurs with the capability and determination to go all out and execute their business. In addition to a deep understanding of the market, it is also important for team members to have their own product development capabilities.


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