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High-tech Entertainment 



Immersive Recreation

Create the most immersive entertainment experience.

When undertaking an innovative R&D project, you may encounter new technological challenges. Use your resources wisely, and let Trisco overcome these challenges for you.

Over the years, we have helped customers integrate the latest technologies in different fields, including:

  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth transmission, as well as wireless communication of devices.
  • DC AC conversion, energy storage and management.
  • Software and cloud computing
  • Narrowband Internet of Things (NB-IoT)
  • Human-Machine Interface (HMI), for devices to respond to visual, physical and acoustic commands.
  • Circuit Board design and manufacture.
  • Sensors for human activity with application in fitness and business management.

Wireless Touch Screen Projector

An ordinary projector can have multiple wire connectors, and it can take some time from pressing the power button to actually display any image.

Trisco’s innovative projection technology is many things but ordinary. It will open a new world of possibilities, from recreation to education.

Go beyond old projector’s limits and turn flat walls, desktops and even the ground into interactive screens. Whether it's to watch your favorite movie or even play games. Now you can slide your finger on the projected screen and operate it with a single touch. Add Wi-Fi connection to immerse yourself in the interactive world of audio-visual entertainment. With Trisco there’s no limits!

Bluetooth Racing Car

With this rapid development of technology, we have officially entered the era of the Internet of Things.

Drive your race car by pressing a button, with motion-sensing commands or via an app! Through Bluetooth, the entire racing circuit can be interconnected, including timers, billboards, raising walls, elevators, obstacles or anything that you can think of.  Every feature of the track can be controlled with Bluetooth to create a truly challenging and fun experience.

Reward yourself after winning a race at the prize machine!

Leave the fun for you, hand over the problems to Trisco.

Contact us to learn how to work with Trisco and get your ideas into the market!