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Bringing Your Ideas to Life

“Ideas to life” is the use of vast professional experience to materialize your ideal product. 

Trisco Technology is the friendliest company with startups in the industry, providing customers with diverse, fast and vertically integrated product development and manufacturing solutions.


Our service includes:


  • Project Manager for Co-Development
  • Pre-production Process Test for Quality Control
  • Supply Chain Integration and Materials Purchase for Mass Production
  • After-Sales Technical Support


Trisco continues to promote independent research and technology development. With it, we create new products for global customers, and provide large-scale production capacity. Whether it is a mature product in large scale or even a newly developed one in small quantities. Trisco is here to bring your products to life, and we are looking forward to hear from you!

t-Lab 創新創業加速器,就是整合了德立斯的企業集團資源、創投資金和育成中心的優勢,提供給創新、創業團隊一個工作平台,提高創新構想落地的可行性,也讓創業的過程更有效率、風險更低的計畫

T-Lab Entrepreneurship Accelerator. 

T-Lab Entrepreneurship Accelerator integrates Trisco Group and its affiliated companies’ resources, venture capital and business incubator. Providing entrepreneurs a working platform to help them achieve feasibility for their innovative business ideas in a more efficient and less risky way.

Whether you have already prototyped your product, successfully raised funds for mass production, or still are in the product conceptualization phase, joining our t-Lab Entrepreneurship Accelerator will increase your chances of success.


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Collaborate with Trisco. We help you start up your business with our expertise.
Contact us, bring your ideas to life.。