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Sports Technology, challenge yourself.

Athletes are the embodiment of endurance, hard work and dreams. At Trisco, we understands that your results are in great part a mirror of your efforts and your work. We strive to improve the training experience, through innovative technology applications, provide athletes with the necessary tools to optimize their training and performance.

Adapt your training, improve your performance.

Using our strain gauge and sensor technology, We've created a Bicycle Trainer that detects the average force generated by the cyclist on each pedal; for optimum speed and effort output.

Whether you are an athlete, a sports instructor or enthusiast; you can improve your experience, your performance, and even change your perception of sports by  training with a smart IoT resources.

With Trisco you can develop the product that meets your needs and satisfies your expectations. Upgrade your training equipment with critical training features to remain at the vanguard of your field.

Powering Future Adventures.

Using our core technology for power management; we developed a Bike-Booster that looks like a common sports bottle, and it doesn’t affect your riding habits. It is very easy to install and compatible with most bicycles. Just attach it to your bike rack and, in matter of seconds, you can convert your traditional bike into an electric vehicle. Bike-Booster can detect when the rides is going downwards to save energy. Likewise, if there is an increase on the effort needed by the rider, the system will switch modes to provide the boost needed.

【Product Features】

  • Quick to install, without tools needed; easy to use, with no button required.
  • Highly versatile, compatible with most bicycles on the market.
  • Environmentally friendly, smart sensing and inductive technology incorporated.
  • Long battery-lifespan that can be easily replaced.