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SMOOTHTM Wireless Diagnosis System (OBD2)

As the automotive industry evolves, the services within this industry become harder to operate. Take car repairs as an example; and ask yourself: How can I diagnose a vehicle efficient and effectively?

How you answer the previous question will directly affect the future of your business, as customers need a reliable and time-efficient service. What you need is Trisco’s OBD2 automated management system. This is a new car diagnosis and maintenance management system. Through our innovative serial port technology, Trisco’s OBD2 technology can directly connect to the electric control unit (ECU) through the sensor in its hardware, and provide real-time data for maintenance immediately.

Wireless Diagnosis System (OBD2) Features

  • Industry's first software and hardware integrated car repair system.
  • Shorter diagnosis time.
  • Provides real-time data about the machine.
  • Keeps printable record of previous diagnosis and maintenance work orders.
  • Reminder notifications

Power-Pak High-capacity Mobile Power Source

When it comes to outdoor activities and camping, one of the most common problems is where to find a power source. In the past, if you needed electricity when camping, you could only rely on super-heavy and noisy generators. Trisco’s expertise in car batteries’ applications has led us to develop Power-Pak, a high-capacity and mobile power source and manager. Batteries get depleted over time and usage, so being able to asses your battery’s life is important, specially when it is your only source. Power-Pak displays the relevant information of your battery, allowing you to plan and make the best use out of it. Worry only about enjoying your day!

Power-Pak Features

  • Battery Detection Sensor: Detect whether the battery is compatible.
  • Power Analysis: Display remaining battery charge.
  • Power application - Multiple outputs for powering different devices, such as AC, DC 5V and 12V

Smart Transportation with you along the way

Fighter Jet Gauge break all the barriers

With vast experience in the field of instrumentation and gauges; Trisco stands as part of the A Team of the Aviation Industry Alliance; for which it has developed military aircraft instruments. Besides upgrading older devices; Trisco has also designed military instruments out of scratch according to customer’s needs.

Our products passed all the rigorous tests in high-altitude environment. Thanks to our many years of experience in the field, Trisco’s instruments will surpass your expectations no matter the circumstances. Whether it is sea, land, air, or even the harshest environments; with Trisco you can rest assured you will develop the ideal product.

Experience-driven Fast Results

Since its establishment in 1975, Trisco has acquired rich R&D and manufacturing capabilities. These capabilities help us deliver customers’ final products quickly and smoothly without compromising their quality. As our R&D team continues to innovate and design a variety of automotive electronic devices, Trisco remains today as a leading brand in the industry, collaborating with world-renowned companies.

Resources Integration

Trisco Technology combines resources from affiliated companies in Taiwan, China, Japan, and the United States. These companies specialize in services, from casting to system integration; and products, from semiconductors to engines. With Trisco you can meet the fast and diverse needs of the global market.

Proven Capabilities

Trisco Technology has won numerous awards in management, sales and R&D, as well as awards for products' excellence. Some of these products have sold over one million units globally. We are extremely grateful with our customers' support and we owe our success to them. We pledge to continue paying great attention to people's needs and creating products according to them.