Working from home is a trend, how to choose remote working software?

The novel coronavirus epidemic continues to spread globally. Due to the severe epidemic, many people manage themselves at home, and the game industry is facing challenges. Xbox Live crashed briefly due to the influx of a large number of players, and the US video game platform Steam also reached 20 million users online at the same time, setting a new historical record. At this point in time when you can't go out, dare not go out, or even unwilling to go out, software services stage a stress test.


In addition, there has been a wave of remote work around the world. In addition to the surge in Zoom stocks, the downloads of many tool-type software have also skyrocketed. For these corporate communication tools, it seems like a large-scale traffic test.


Just yesterday (3/17) morning, Microsoft’s corporate communications tool, Microsoft Teams, crashed for more than two hours across Europe. This is because thousands of European companies have adopted remote work in response to the new coronavirus. Fortunately, Microsoft The team also solved the problem in more than two hours.


The service of remote working software has been booming in recent years, providing many conveniences at all levels. The following will compare the advantages and disadvantages of three remote desktop connections for your reference.


CHROME Remote Desktop

Chrome Remote Desktop is an extension of the Chrome browser. It provides two major functions: remote access and remote support. Users only need to follow the steps after downloading to start the remote desktop function. The best It also supports mobile apps. You can download "chrome remote desktop" directly from the ios App Store or the Android Play Store, and you can remotely control your computer with your mobile phone. After the editor’s test, his screen synchronization fluency is close to 99%, which is very convenient to use.



It is a remote control software without installation. Provides some functions that cannot be achieved by remote control software. Because of the worldwide server network, users can easily, quickly and securely connect through a set of digital connections wherever they are; CAD, video editing or comfort Use a few hours of office suite software; turn the other party's desktop into your desktop in a few seconds, without administrator rights and installation. It is a remote software that attaches great importance to privacy and security.



TeamViewer should be the most familiar remote software, and many IT still use it to help solve problems. His biggest feature is that it can penetrate firewalls or proxy servers, and the host can clearly see the identification ID on the main screen of the software. When we need another person to remotely control, as long as the identification ID and password are known to the controller, the other party can remotely control our computer. In addition, this software can switch to the other party to control our computer at any time and allows us to show our desktop to the other party. This is very useful for those who want to show the presentation to remote clients.


With these software, the next time your boss asks you to change a briefing on your way home from work, or a foreign customer’s reply in the middle of the night prevents you from falling asleep, and you need some attachments, you can use it immediately. jobs!