Trisco Smart Pen



    TRISCO collaborated with start-up team in Taiwan to create the Smart Pen. The Witspal smart pen is able to let children have the correct sitting posture while writing. Here at Trisco, we believe good habits must be taught early. Therefore, we believe it is important to teach children how to sit correctly while writing notes and do homework. That’s why we created the Witspal Smart Pen, which can correct your sitting posture.


    For children, the result of bad posture can be detrimental to your health in many ways. Bad sitting posture causes extra pressure to your vertebrae; furthermore, it will apply pressure your organs and can even causes scoliosis and myopia. Bad posture can also leads to mental problem. According to Clinical Psychologists, people with bad sitting posture is prone to depression and lack of self-confidence than people with great sitting posture. A upright sitting posture is important because it is the only way to enables the weight to spread evenly through your body, therefore reduces the pressure of your spine and body. Correct posture also reduces the exhaustion of your body,  and lowers the chance of having Ligamentation and muscle strain.


    How does Witspal Smart Pen work? The pen uses, pressure pad, light sensor and a gyroscope to detect the angle you are holding your pen, holding posture, and how much light there is around you. If you are using the pen with a bad sitting posture, the pen tip will go back inside the pen automatically.


    Having the correct sitting posture is already enough hard for adults to keep themselves in check and it is even harder to keep track of their children. By letting your children use Trisco’s Witspal Smart Pen, we believe it is the best way to keep children writing in the correct sitting posture, and further prevents kids from having scoliosis and myopia in the future.