Ericsson, which is committed to assisting communication services to give full play to its full value, released the results of the ninth year consumer trend survey on 2020/02/06.


4D, 5D, 6D, perceive the connected world

Consumers are so eager for early adopters. As soon as the world of the 5G era opens a seam and penetrates into the glimmer, 45% of consumers expect that there will be a new shopping experience in the future, in addition to the vision we have always been familiar with, but also An online shopping mall that uses the senses of hearing, taste, smell, touch and even the five senses.


Seeing is not necessarily proof, but ideas come true

In Einstein's general theory of relativity, as long as gravity is used to warp time and space, two places farther apart can be folded and overlapped. Relying on the advancement of technology to 2030, 59% of consumers believe that in the future, as long as they imagine the destination, they can see the map path through VR glasses.


Do you hear a robot or a real person, the voice is like a human

Have you ever imagined having Conan's voice changing bow tie? 67% of consumers surveyed believe that they will be able to realistically imitate anyone's voice through a microphone, and even deceive their family members. It seems that Siri has to work harder to recognize sounds.


Lettuce tastes like a burger

One reason why many people give up in the process of losing weight is that they are not used to light "healthy" meals. 44% of consumers expect that in the future there will be devices that can digitally enhance food so that any food will taste. Both are favorite flavors.


The outside is full of viruses, if you can feel Fendocrine at home?

About 60% of consumers hope to use digital technology to explore the forest or the countryside to experience all the natural atmosphere of these places.


Comprehensive online shopping experience

Girls are often attracted by the beautiful photos when they go shopping online, but they are suspicious of the texture and material. More than 60% of consumers hope that when they press the digital icons and buttons on their smartphones, The screen can convey shape and texture at the same time.


Virtual reality is not enough to see, integration of reality is the trend

Audiences who have watched Leonardo’s classic "Full Start" may be puzzled by the protagonists’ inability to distinguish reality from dreams. This will come true in the future! 70% of the respondents expect that by 2030, the VR game world will be indistinguishable from the real world.



In the era of information explosion, people are concerned about the review mechanism of false information.

Have you added Aunt Meiyu, who claims to be able to tell you the true and false messages instantly, into the LINE group? 50% of consumers surveyed said that by 2030, news reporting services that provide comprehensive fact-checking will become popular.



Big data and the Internet of Things create various conveniences and benefits for people in life, but half of the consumers surveyed believe that they are "consumers in the post-privacy era": they expect privacy issues to be fully resolved so that they can safely benefit from data orientation world.


Sustainable development

Swedish girl Greta Thunberg yelled at global national leaders at the United Nations Climate Summit that "adults" are creating an unsuitable environment for the next generation. She spoke out the voice of more than half of consumers. 60% of the respondents believed that, The development of perception networking will make it easier to catalyze environmental sustainability.


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