Trisco is currently developing a new generation of e-paper tablets.

Looking to reduce paper load and waste, with the simple press of a button you will have a clean sheet of paper to continue working. Through its internal battery, power is generated to clear the content written on the e-paper. Whether it is to play games, practice your writing, do math calculations or any other daily affairs, you can quickly remove them by pressing one button, and stop wasting paper.


Such a product has nagged our production line supervisor during the development process.

Because the display uses a new reflective chemical technology, with a very high production threshold. This time, in order to ensure the accurate solder of the circuit board’s joints, a special welding machine is used in the manufacture process.


According to the head of development for this product, the spot welding machine can reduce the error in the manual process, especially when dealing with the application of delicate chemicals. In addition, special attention should be paid to the positioning and adhesion of the inner and outer splints on the panel, which is equivalent to the experience of the operator and ensure accuracy. This is an important reason for the customer to hand over the product to the company. But we are covered, thanks to our own national instrument calibration laboratory, we are able to provide customers with world-class quality services, our production and R&D processes are ISO-9001 certified. We are be able to meet all kinds of product design, development and mass production needs.



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