This past month of April, Trisco was present at Asia’s most professional auto parts and motorcycle industry purchase platform.

Taipei AMPA was held on April 24-27 in Nangang Exhibition Center Hall 1 and Hall 2 for the first time. With thousands of booths and hundreds of domestic and international exhibitors, Taipei AMPA poses itself as the biggest exhibition in Asia of its kind. 

Trisco and Taipei AMPA, like childhood friends, have been together since they gave their first steps.

As an innovation pioneer with roots in the automotive industry, Trisco has been part of every AMPA exhibition that has taken place in Taiwan. For those who aren't as familiar with the event, this means 35 years featuring Trisco as an exhibitor. And as the title of this article suggests, this year wasn't the exception. 


Giving free Coca-Cola bottles to help attendees quench their thirst during the hot days of Taiwan's Spring season was one way for Trisco to leave a smile on the faces of people. Another way was resolving inquiries, answering questions and helping those who came to Trisco's booth looking for information.

If you missed on this amazing opportunity to see the latest products, innovation, find business partners or asses the market, then go to AMPA's website for the latest updates on upcoming events. If you would like to find out more about Trisco's services and cooperation opportunities, then get in contact with us. You won't get a coke, but we will be more than glad to answer any of your inquiries!   


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