Has your company started to work remote from home during this epidemic? Does working at home make you feel lazy?


Thanks to the COVID-19 epidemic, WFH (Work From Home, working at home), which was originally only circulated in the IT industry, Western countries, and freelance workers, has become a trend. The world is conducting a very large "work at home" experiment.

But I always feel that working at home is easy to waste time and unable to concentrate. What should I do? Several small actions to turn on the work mode allow you to be efficient at home!


Change clothes

Working at home may be wearing pajamas, sitting on the bed and holding the computer to start, but there is less sense of presence. When the family finds you in the room, you think you are just binge-watching ? Try changing clothes! According to the original time to work at the company, set the alarm clock to get up, and wash and change into at least the clothes that will not be embarrassing when opening the video camera to meet with the customer. There are even Chinese employees who work at home wearing identification cards!

A cup of coffee

Do you have to drink a cup of coffee on weekdays before you feel that you can wake up and start working? So do it at home. The body's sense of smell and taste are the strongest. Whether it is to buy a cup of coffee at a supermarket, or grind it yourself, it is a good choice.

Planning work first

When you are in the company, the supervisor can see you "working", but it is different when you work at home. Both up and down may be suspicious of each other because they can't see each other. Why not use the previous day or use the original commuting time, Set today's work completion indicators and record them on a shared online calendar, to save those emotions that may require spy to spy, and at the same time, you can take a good look at your work efficiency.

Put on headphones

Everyone in the company is immersed in work, whether the atmosphere or sound is suitable for concentration, but the far-end work, whether it is to the cafe or at home, the background sound of the surrounding environment may distract you, why not choose a noise reduction Powerful or long-lasting headphones allow you to isolate the sound of the outside world and concentrate on completing every matter.


The above actions can help you quickly enter the situation at home and start an efficient work mode. In fact, in general, the work is still the same, but just change the occasion and maintain the original habits, you can smoothly Work From Home!…