Implement LPWAN Technology Into Your Solutions

While several giants from the network and tech industry worldwide have their eyes fixed on 5G, other companies have decided to take a different approach to remain competitive. Companies like Semtech and Sigfox, the two biggest runners in this “Network Race”, have placed their bets on Low-Power Wide-Area Networks (LPWAN).

Why should we care at all about the so called “0G” Network?

But if we are currently using 4G and transitioning into 5G, then why should we care at all about the so called “0G” Network? Well, because it opens the door to an infinite number of applications and solutions that the latest generations of GSM couldn’t satisfy efficiently. To illustrate, imagine you want to blow your hair dry, would you rather use a hairdryer or a leaf blower? I am sure you can achieve your goal with either of these products, but at what cost? You can’t accurately estimate the convenience of any given solution without knowing the problem at hand first. 

Low-Power Wide-Area technology(LPWAN)

So let’s talk about some possible applications for Low-Power Wide-Area technology. LPWAN allows IoT to reach remote off-the-grid locations. Moreover, its low-cost of production mean that several devices can be deployed without burning all your capital. This is not only a concept, but it is already being applied in countless industries. Farming, Freight Transport, Parking Solutions, Smart Meters, Construction Sites, Hospitals, Asset Tracking, you name it. And this market size is set to be worth over US$65 billion in 5 years.

Trisco and LPWAN

For this reason Trisco, in its endless pursue of improvement, is currently developing various products using protocols such as LoRa, Sigfox and NB-IoT. If you are interested in developing such solutions, contact us today and set your idea in motion, we will help you bring it to life!