Office workers sit in seats for more than eight hours a day

Generally speaking, when it comes to things that may harm our health in life, what you can list may be the electromagnetic waves of mobile phones, the environmental hormones of eating utensils, the blue light of 3C products, etc. But did you know that according to statistics, chairs are also big Threat? Hidden crisis in the office


Sitting for a long time will increase the risk of cardiovascular disease

You may have heard: “Sitting is the new smoking”, modern people sit for 9.3 hours a day on average, which is even more than 7 hours of sleep. Professor of Medicine James Lavine said: “Sitting is the new smoking is more dangerous and more dangerous than love. The AIDS virus is even more terrible. Chairs kill people.” In recent years, many physicians and occupational therapists have pointed out the risks of sitting for a long time. In addition to basic shoulder and neck pain, a study by University College London found that sitting for a day People who are more than 4 hours more likely to suffer from cardiovascular disease are 1.25 times more likely than those who are less than 2 hours!


Breathable cushions are useless, long-term sitting

In addition to sitting comfortably on the computer, office workers often buy soft cushions and cushions, but this cannot solve the problem. In fact, more and more studies have shown that simply changing a habit can greatly reduce cancer and chronic diseases. And the risk of heart-blood disease-reduce the time spent sitting.


Exercise can help maintain good health, but it cannot offset the harm caused by sedentary

NASA health scientist said: “Humans are not designed to sit all the time. We should be individuals who are always active.” You might say here, but I do regular exercise every week, so don’t worry too much. ! Dr. Marc Hamilton from the Pennington Medical Research Center said that from the analysis results, sitting for a long time is an independent factor affecting physical health, meaning that exercise can help maintain physical health, but it cannot offset the harm caused by sedentary sitting.


The biggest reason is that as long as you maintain a sitting position for one hour, the hormone that can break down fat and cholesterol: sensitive lipase will go on strike, fat burning will be reduced by 90%, and the concentration of good cholesterol will also decrease.


Adjust your posture regularly to get rid of civilization disease

Speaking of this, you may start thinking like me. It’s better to stand up to work all day, but you and I know that it’s not good if you are too late. Standing for a long time also has the doubts of varicose veins, cramps, and leg muscles, so the best solution is The way is to sit and stand! If you sit and go to work for an hour, adjust to a high table and stand for half an hour to an hour!


Reduce cardiovascular disease and improve concentration

And research points out that standing and working can help thinking. The American Journal of Psychological Science conducted an experiment in which the subjects were divided into two groups, one standing and the other sitting, and the two groups were asked to pronounce the words they saw and observe the time the brain processes information. , It turns out that although the data is not much different. But in general, people who stand up react faster than people who sit down.


In view of the popularity of various adjustable desks in many countries in Europe and America, after the re-decoration of T LAB in September 2019, there are open office areas and high tables for colleagues to stand for meetings and work. I personally like to change seats and stand up to work to stretch my muscles and bones when I am drowsy after lunch or when I am unable to concentrate in the afternoon.