Business can be defined either big or small. Complex or simple. Entrepreneurship is all about finding a cost efficient solution to a problem people in general have. This does not mean that you should put your career on hold. Think of it as a small side business that can potentially add a few buck in your wallet. There are numerous low cost side jobs you can do with your current skillset that you have learned in your own free time, in school or on your job.



Consulting is something very small and easy to manage as a side business. You have the experience and a lot of knowledge from past experiences or your jobs. The benefits of consulting allows you to give a pair of fresh eyes to your clients and also give you the opportunity to expand your knowledge of the current market. You can become a freelance consultant that help Advise Companies with your expertise.

The only thing to look out for is licensing requirements in your area or country. For example if your client wants a third opinion on housing, maybe it’s better that you have some sort of real estate broker license to give your clients the correct information. If you are working online make sure you maintain a professional tone and good grammar throughout your communication.


App Creation (mobile or desktop application)

Company of all sizes are turning in to apps because they help make daily tasks and assignments easier to manage and track. Having efficient communications between teams and customers is very important. In addition the gaming industry is growing, with more and more open sourced coding available on the market why not take advantage and get a piece of the pie.


Stock Exchange

Similar to consulting the stock exchange has always been regarded as a specified field. Thanks to all the app creator there are some apps out there that can help you manage stocks from your phone. You can be a stock trader with a simple click of a button. Being a stock trader you would have to be an expert in finance and knows your ins and outs of the stock market. You can always start with low stake markets to get the hang of the game and eventually move on to bigger fish in the sea of stock exchange.


Simple graphic design

The spectrum for graphics can go as wide as creating a simple logo or to a web browser design. Social media nowadays are growing increasingly rapidly and as there are more and more social apps such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube Instagram. Companies would utilize these platforms to give exposure to the product they sell or put up advertisements. Low cost social media elements that deliver a refined message with simple graphics is an effective way to do marketing.


Customer service agent

The rise of 5G would allow you to have extremely fast internet. Work wherever and whenever. Of course, you would also enjoy providing assistance to people. You can always go for a customer service gig. Some similar jobs to customer service are sales representative or collector. With some product training and sales training you can almost always start immediately. Keep in mind of your client’s time zone or else you may end up working late evening or early mornings.



With the help of internet we have crossed in to a world where countries have no boarders. We live in a globalized society and naturally people speak more than one language. You can start offering your translation service on the side without having to learn a new skill. Translation jobs varies depending on the size of the company you work for. The bigger the company the bigger the pay. But with bigger pay comes with higher quality standards. Tread carefully and only accept assignments that you feel fluent enough to translate. Once you earn a reputation you can possible expand and set up your own translation service agency.


City Guide Local delivery & ride share

Enjoy traveling? Well what better way to have a side gig that allows you to share your experiences traveling in your home city and making a bit of side money. You can offer city tours at a flat rate per trip. While you are traveling to your destination you can also drop some people off or deliver food. New and rising apps such as food panda, Uber eats all do local delivery while collaborating with local restaurants. Ridesharing apps are also a very cheap and effect methods of earning a little bit of side cash if being a city guide is your thing. With this low cost business idea 3 birds with one stone.


Lastly, the jobs above should provide you with a great alternative to invest spare time in to money producing activities, and at the same time meet new people and enhance your knowledge. Just make sure that the work you do are of quality, honest work. Hopefully these entrepreneurial ventures can lead you to a even more flexible financial freedom.

Last Edited: Jan 24 2020

Article written by 

Steve Kao 

Branding specialist