Have you ever attend any exhibition for market research, or for work? Well if you are working in a field that you are completely unfamiliar with it is most likely you would need to do an market assessment. What better way to do a market assessment by going to an exhibition that is all about that certain market. Here are 5 tips on what you should do when attending an exhibition!


1. Formal clothing

Formal clothes refers to not a tuxedo but dress shirt, suit jacket, and trousers. This will make you stand out from someone who is recent gratuaded from an university to a business professional. From a different perspective you need to think that going to these events is you representing your company. People spend time talking to people who are professionals not some rookie who is there to browse but to do business.


2. Bring a business card.

When visiting an exhibition you must always bring a business card. A business card is a great way to introduce yourself in to a conversation.  People tend to forget other peoples names, a business card help people remember who you are, what you do and from which company you come from. If they are interested in what you have to offer they might even connect with you or learn more about your company on your companies website.


3. Do your homework.

It is very important to do your homework down to the fine details of your trip. By homework I mean what is the main goal of this exhibition, what is the itinerary for this trip. This is crucial because usually when you come back from these trips your superiors will ask for a report of what you have done and what you learned from this exhibition. By knowing what companies within the exhibition you are going to attend you can also impress your superiors, also on the slight chance that they might ask you to pass on a message to the company representative there at the exhibition.


4. Make friends

During these exhibitions it is a great way to make business a lot of business connections, and future friends. Think of exhibitions as a place of social gathering of people from the same field of same industry just different company. Exhibitions are a great place to learn about what other companies are doing.


5. Be attentive.

Paying attention to what you are doing at an exhibition. As previously mentioned everywhere there is for one purpose and one purpose only, getting to know the industry better. By being attentive it would show that you or your company is interested in another company, which can potentially lead to a business transaction.In additional by being attentive you can also give detailed reports to your superiors what went down during your trip to this exhibition.