2020 “Young Designers’ Exhibition" & "Trisco Technology Corp.”

An opportunity for university students to learn and experience the process involved in creating new products for the market. Trisco is collaborating with the 38th "Young Designers’ Exhibition” to inspire students and leverage their innovative spirit for problem solving.

Company Name: 

Trisco Technology Corp.

Topic Name:

New life through technology.

Topic Description:

Topic 1: Exercise and sports isn’t only about sweat, but also about dreams.

Whether you are a professional athlete, a sports enthusiast or even if you don't like sports. Technology can reshape that perception into an even better one. We want you to come up with a device that enthusiasts love, that athletes need and that everyone enjoys. Wearable devices, peripherals for exercising machines, sensors that can asses performance and physical condition of a person, anything goes. And it can be aided with a mobile APP to connect with a larger community. With design thinking you can discover the unmet needs from the user's point of view, and use technology to bring a more powerful, fun and engaging experience to sports.

Topic 2: Nowadays, people's lives are are tied to screens.

Not only our own devices, but everywhere we go in the city, there are media screens fighting for our attention. Although technology has helped the communication between people, specially those far away. In general, the relationships between each other are now more alienated. For these reasons, we challenge you to think of a simple and intuitive design to create a toy or group of toys that adults and children can't stop playing with. Something that brings people from all ages together. Lets move away from the “black mirror” addiction, take a rest from this hectic life, enjoy some face-to-face interaction with those you love.

Registration conditions:

1. National or international students of pursuing a Bachelor, Master or PhD degree.

2. We welcome interdisciplinary teams. However, each team needs at least one person studying in a design department.

Team Mentorship:

To provide students with the tools necessary to thrive in this competition, and make sure their ideas are aligned with the ones from the company. Trisco will facilitate the following:

1. Office and factory visits.

2. RD department will provide guidance in design, purchase of supplies, creation of electronic circuits, marketing research and consumer demand analysis.

3. Introduction to the application of IoT technology, use of various sensors and access to one-on-one consulting. 

Additional Rewards:

1. A total prize up to NT$100,000 (including tax) divided among the 3 top finalists. (70,000, 20,000 and 10,000 respectively).

2. For the awarded finalists, a subsidy of NT$20,000 (including tax) will be provided.

Description of rights and obligations:

1. The purpose of this case is mass production and listing. The technical and market feasibility timeframe is between the next 1-3 years.

2. Respect intellectual property rights. IP rights should be split according to the degree of participation in the creation of the product.

3. If there’s no agreement after one year from the completion of the Young Designers’ Exhibition. The finalist team must resell the intellectual property rights to a third party, after they have informed the company and obtained their consent.

We already chose a topic, we are just waiting for you to sign up so we can materialize your dream-product design together.

For more information check this presentation (Contact us for English version)

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