Presenting in front of a crowd depending on size is sometimes very scary, we spend so much time in front of a mirror rehearsing and yet when it's time we still forget our notes, forget what we say. These are symptoms of what doctors would call stage fright.


Here are 10 tips on how to get over stage fright and create a killer presentation:


  1.  Look at the audience – Presenting a presentation has always been about having a conversation with the audience. Like any conversation you look at who your talking to which is the audience.
  2. Show your personality – Personality plays an important factor in presenting a presentation because it makes your audience empathic of you and what you have to say. By making these more personal they are more likely to be more patient, engaged at what you have to say because they see you as a friend telling them about something.
  3. Make them laugh – this is one way to make your audience be more engaged in what you are presenting. By making a common ground where the audience finds you funny is a great way to build momentum in your presentation.
  4. Don’t abuse your visuals – visuals are important but they should not be a your main. The definition of having visual aid in your presentation is that it is there to aid or assist you in presenting. You can still present even if there is no visuals because everything that you are to present should be in your head. People want to hear what you have to say not read what you have to say.
  5. Talk to your audience, not at them – people come to your presentation in hopes that learn something new, have realization of something (the aha moment). Your audience doesn’t need you to be their mom or teacher to lecture them, they already have their own moms and teachers. Your role as a presenter is converse an idea, create a conversation with your audience.
  6. Be honest – Ever heard of this phrase “Honesty is the best policy”. Imagine how mad your audience would be if they ever found out that you lied to them on stage. You probably get tomatoed like in the movies. No one wants to be lied to, treat your audience like your friend, and they will feel it. People aren’t stupid they feel things. Let them feel that they can trust you, and they will respect you for that. It will also make your presentation more human and more relatable.
  7. Don’t over prepare – Be prepared enough but not too much. Your presentation isn’t a solid scripted conversation. I honestly don’t even think that actors and news anchors read from scripts word for word. Let the conversation flow naturally. The more natural your presentation is the less stage fright you get because you are in you are in a relaxed state. A state that you are always in.
  8. Show some movement – people enough watching videos with moving character. You are human, have some movement or else people might think you have injured your spinal cord while giving a presentation. Movement in a presentation is to help you showcase a point through body language. Use appropriate gestures and facial expressions to engage with your audience.
  9. Watch what you say – we all have brain farts every now and then. Like all farts people can only tolerate so much of it before getting annoyed. Control your “um”, “uhh” and “hmms”. Some of your audience might also count how many times you say these useless words.
  10. Differentiate yourself – What makes you stand out from other presenters? Remember that when you are presenting you are building your own brand. Your brand, your presentation is how people will remember you after you speak.



Last Edited: jan 10 2020

Article written by 

Steve Kao 

Branding specialist