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Insights, stories and cases.

To provide the public with insights of the industry and as a statement of Trisco’s capabilities, in this segment we will compile and share some of our latest breakthroughs of innovation, industry trends, solutions and products.

"Sitting is the new smoking"如果說椅子會殺人,你相信嗎?提到生活中可能危害我們健康的事物,你能列舉出來的也許是手機的電磁波、外食餐具的環境賀爾蒙等,但你知道嗎根據統計,椅子也是一大威脅?...<閱讀更多>

拜COVID-19疫情所賜,原本只流傳於IT產業、西方國家、自由工作者的WFH(Work From Home,在家工作)成了趨勢,全球正進行一場超大型的「在家工作」實驗。
新型冠狀病毒疫情持續在全球延燒,由於疫情的關係,許多人在家中自主管理,遊戲產業面臨考驗。Xbox Live 因湧進大量玩家而短暫當機,美國電子遊戲平台Steam 也達到...<閱讀更多>



The market size for LPWAN Tech is expected to reach USD 65 billion in 5 to 6 years and you could grab a piece of that pie. Create your LPWAN solution with Trisco and beat your competitors to the market.

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Research : Electric Bikes - Through unsuccessful ventures, We found 100 ways that won't work.

At Trisco, we see unsuccessful ventures as steps towards progress. Our constant pursuit of innovation means that we’re open to failure as well. Here, we share with you one such example.

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This smart pen has been developed by engineers, physicians and teachers to not only correct posture but also protects children’s eyesight and helps prevent myopia. To watch you kid's posture is important, but impossible to do at all times. With this innovative product you can achieve so and gift them with a healthy posture that will help them in the future.  

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A new generation of e-paper tablets. Looking to reduce paper load and waste, with the simple press of a button you will have a clean sheet of paper to continue working.

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2020 “Young Designers’ Exhibition" & "Trisco Technology Corp.” An opportunity for university students to learn and experience the process involved in creating new products for the market. Trisco is collaborating with the 38th "Young Designers’ Exhibition” to inspire students and leverage their innovative spirit for problem solving.

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This past month of April, Trisco was present at Asia’s most professional auto parts and motorcycle industry purchase platform. Taipei AMPA was held on April 24-27 in Nangang Exhibition Center Hall 1 and Hall 2 for the first time. With thousands of booths and hundreds of domestic and international exhibitors, Taipei AMPA poses itself as the biggest exhibition in Asia of its kind.

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Trisco Accelerator Program is an initiative by Trisco Technology Corp. It integrates the resources of Trisco, the advantages of venture capital and startup ecosystems, providing a working platform for innovation and entrepreneurs. It enhances the feasibility of innovative ideas, and enables the process of entrepreneurship in a more efficient and less risky way. Whether you have an existing prototype, undergone fundraising for mass production, or only have a business idea, joining the Trisco Accelerator Program can increase your chances of success.

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To foster innovation and attract new talent, Trisco created its own Business Accelerator Program. ​This program welcomes university students and young professionals from different backgrounds to design and present a business plan that can have synergy with Trisco's operations. The winning team is awarded NT$1,000,000 in seed capital to start operations, and it can receive further funding based on performance and profitability after one year.​ And you could be the one!

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