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Frequently Asked Questions

How to apply for Trisco Angel Foundation 2.0?


(A.)Stage One: We evaluation your Business Plan

Please Email your Business Plan to:


(B.)Stage Two: Presentation

After evaluation we will invite you to a face to face or an online conference where we would talk about how to bring your ideas to life, the possibilities and responsibilities of both party.


(C.) Stage Three: Execution  

You would work closely with our lead Engineers, Development team and Marketing team to bring your ideas to life.


How to write a business plan? Does it have a format? Is there any word count limit?


There is no format or word count limit for the business plan. Write in more detail to show your understanding of the project you want to do, the situation you will be facing, and you have been doing further evaluation of any difficulties you might find in the future. These few points might help you express your business plan clearly:



Industry Overview and Market Analysis

Analysis the industry you will be entering according to your business plan, including market scale, output value, and development trend.


Business Introduction and Group Profile

Tell us your company vision, your concept, and the pain point you want to solve. Also, Trisco will help you know the resources that you need right now by giving us the information of people in your group and the technology you own at this point.


Product/ Service Introduction

Introduce your product or service. Imagine yourself as a top salesman in the company; write the advantages of your product.


Competitive Analysis

Use PORTER or SWOT analysis to tell us your direction of management.

Goal Planning and Setting

Plan your goal as three parts: short-term, mid-term, and long-term. How many goals you want to reach in a certain time.


Marketing Strategy

It is hard to sell a product or service without a good marketing strategy. Plan your marketing strategy as two parts, online and offline.

Financial Planning, Cost Analysis, and Risk Management


What if my startup is not Technology related, can I apply for Trisco Angel Foundation 2.0? 


For Example let's say you are trying to start a Restaurant. YOU can still apply for our Angel Foundation 2.0 because we are also a part of a very big family organization that has a lot of connections in all sectors of every industry. 



Contact us

If you have any questions feel free to message us on Facebook or find us on LinkedIn.